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Program Management

Connecting with customers is vital to a successful relationship. At EMLiNQ, we have a strong Program Management team that allows for a single point of contact within our facility. All communication flows through the PM and he/she becomes a virtual extension of your operation. Your Program Manager provides detailed tracking and monitoring of the following...

Prototype Builds

Product Life Cycles are getting shorter and shorter.  New product introductions as a result happen much more frequently as tastes changes, technology improves, and time to market becomes increasingly critical.  Prototyping is an extremely critical element in the electronic business where change is the norm, and keeping up or anticipating it is essential for a companies success...

Communication is an essential ingredient of our business.  In view of constant engineering changes, component availability, scheduling, the complexities of our business are second to none.  Our Program Management Team ensures comprehensive and ongoing communication both internally and externally, holds meetings prior to any new assembly with the team, and addresses all matters that come up.  Experience in this area is critical in view of the challenges of our industry...

Material Management

In view of our AS9100 Rev D certification, traceability of parts is a critical component of our business.  In view of this, all our parts can be traced to the manufacturer, and our policy is to deal with recognized and authorized distributors.  Should there by any shortages or End-Of-Life situations which require us to approach brokers, a signed agreement from our customers would be required...

Cable Assembly

EMLinQ provides high quality Cable and ELectro-Mechanical assemblies, providing expert knowledge and a dedicated support team. Our ability to provide creative, cost-effective solutions consistently saves our clients time and money.  We remain flexible while addressing your manufacturing needs, incorporating last-minute engineering adjustments while striving to meet your production deadlines...

System Assembly

EMLinQ provides quick turn prototype manufacturing, including small quantity runs. Our standard turnaround time is ten days from receipt of material, whether consigned or turnkey, with the possibility of supporting deliveries in less than five days. We use virtual prototyping software tools to provide comprehensive manufacturability and testability analysis. This ensures our customer's products are ready for mass production in the shortest amount of time. Our services assist in achieving both design for manufacturability (DFM) and cost optimization...


EMLinQ is always loking for ways to build quality into our processes through Continuous Improvement and the implementation of our very own Zero Defect program. These efforts have afforded us to significantly reduce inspection times and costs to customers. With some of our partners, we carry out an annual Lean Management program to continuously make efforts to minimize waste and maximize efficiencies. This leads to better yields and lower costs...

Testing Capabilities

As components become smaller and packages more intricate and varied, ensuring board cleanliness becomes extremely important to ensure product longevity.  Although the market has moved significantly towards NO CLEAN solutions, not all products can follow this in view of critical mission situations.  EMLinQ has ensured that we are prepared for whatever requirements are needed to meet customer demand...


The importance of fulfilment continues to gain importance in view of shorter product life cycles. The ability to stock and fulfil demand in a very short period of time continues to be an integral part of growing one's business.  Clients and customers do not want to wait for product, as they equally do not want to have a significant amount of inventory on their shelves...



EMLinQ recognizes the increasing importance of reverse logistics for electronic companies as the need to maximize the value of returned merchandise becomes ever more important. We provide a high level of visibility for our customers with as much information or data as possible, so as to allow them to make decisions for themselves.

Competitive Edge

Near-Shore Manufacturing

In 2013, EMLinQ started the process of identifying a secondary manufacturing location, to support our business in Simi Valley.  It became obvious that once a product reached a certain volume of business, the advantages of going to a low-cost location could not be ignored.  Asia continued to provide extremely competitive pricing models which our facility could not match...

Electromechanical System Assembly / Box Build

EMLinQ has dedicated customer specific cells for performing final product assembly, which includes the assembly and integration of chassis, power supplies, cables, and PCBA. We also offer system configuration, functional test, and burn-in services. This service allows EMLinQ to customize assembly programs for specific customer requirements from board assembly to complete turnkey dock-to-stock programs.

EmlinQ Service Areas

EMLinQ LLC offers a full range of services including printed circuit board assembly, testing, materials procurement, inventory management, final system assembly (box build), packaging and distribution.

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