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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistic solutions include the following:

  • Information: data collection capabilities
  • Packaging: repackaging, kitting, labeling/printing, palletization etc.
  • Recycling: parts retrieval, material recycling, CPU destruction etc.
  • Refurbishing: inspection, repair, security, tracking etc.
  • Returns: RMA issuance, sorting, warranty, inspection etc.
  • Transportation: expedited and air shipments, import/export shipments, advanced shipment notification, shipment management etc.
  • Warehousing: fulfillment, effective inventory rotation, reports, storage etc.

EMLinQ recognizes the increasing importance of reverse logistics for electronic companies as the need to maximize the value of returned merchandise becomes ever more important. We provide a high level of visibility for our customers with as much information or data as possible, so as to allow them to make decisions for themselves.

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