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EMLinQ is always loking for ways to build quality into our processes through Continuous Improvement and the implementation of our very own Zero Defect program. These efforts have afforded us to significantly reduce inspection times and costs to customers. With some of our partners, we carry out an annual Lean Management program to continuously make efforts to minimize waste and maximize efficiencies. This leads to better yields and lower costs.

We offer incoming, in-process, and final inspection processes performed by our trained staff and technicians. Our solderers are all trained to IPC-A-610D Class I, II, and III standard. Our state-of-the-art Automated Optical Inspection systems ensure manufacturing consistency by meeting international standards and requirements.

Types of Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI)
  • Ensures correct placement of all SMT components
  • Precise and consistent automated solder inspection
Electrical Verification of SMT component placements
  • Offered on all SMT placement machines
High Resolution X-Ray Inspection
  • BGA Reflow Inspection
  • 3-D X-Ray Rendering Inspection
  • ESD Damage Detection
  • Counterfeit Component Verification
OBA Audits
  • Every build goes through a final OBA process

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