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EMLinQ Uses Selective Solder Machine to Lower Costs with Increased Quality

NEWS RELEASE January 2014

EMLinQ invests in new SELECTIVE SOLDER MACHINEFirefly FB60

Simi Valley- EMLinQ LLC is pleased to announce its purchase of a new Seica Firefly Selective Soldering System. This system uses laser selective soldering technology to solder electronic components to a PCB.

A concentrated laser beam provides the heat source that is used to apply solder to the joint, and allows for consistent quality in manufacturing. Our engineers and operators have been intensively trained by Seica technicians to use the Firefly and its VIVA management software.

Benefit of the Selective Soldering Process:


  • To achieve selective soldering where neither wave soldering nor soldering by reflow (combined with the pin-in-paste technique) can be applied
  • As an alternative to hand-soldering which has issues in terms of repeatability, is too subjective and in many instances cannot provide the targeted levels of throughput and consequently is not cost effective
  • The Laser-based soldering offers the capability to exploit a high energy beam that can be focused exclusively on the solder joint, without involving the board substrate and the surrounding components (even with the high temperatures required for lead-free alloys)
  • Accessibility for soldering in very small places
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fast setup (the type of soldering alloy can be changed in just a few minutes)
  • Automatic program generation from CAD data
  • Direct control and verification of the thermal profile for every single solder joint.

About Seica
Founded in 1986 in Strambino, SEICA has progressed from developing its first in-circuit Test system for the domestic electronics industry to become a world leader in Flying Probe and functional test systems. The company, in fact, has 5 different product lines:

  • Pilot Line: flying probe test systems
  • Valid Line: high performance functional test systems
  • BBT Line: bare board test systems
  • Compact Line: in-circuit and functional test systems
  • Firefly Line: laser selective soldering systems.

Today SEICA is one of the major suppliers of test equipment, with more than 1000 systems installed on five continents.
Over the years the Company has grown up, and now has subsidiaries in France (2000), the United States (2003), China (2004) and Germany (2008), with a global distribution network covering market needs worldwide.

About EMLinQ LLC
EMLinQ, LLC is a provider of advanced electronics manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the telecommunications, networking, computer, aerospace, consumer electronics, and medical device industries. EMLinQ, LLC offers a full range of services including printed circuit board assembly and test, materials procurement, inventory management, final system assembly (box build) and test, packaging and distribution.

EMLinQ provides quick turn prototype build, as well as high volume manufacturing. Our standard turnaround time is 15 days from receipt of material (whether consigned or turnkey) with the possibility of also supporting deliveries in less than 5 days. We use Virtual prototyping software tools to provide comprehensive manufacturability and testability analysis to ensure our customer's products are ready for mass production in the shortest amount of time. Our services assist in achieving both design for manufacturability (DFM) and cost optimization. Please visit for more details about our services.


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