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EMLinQ takes a major step towards energy efficiency


EMLinQ takes a major step towards energy efficiency-

Solar panels installed with Chilicon Power Microinverter Technology


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Simi Valley - EMLinQ LLC has taken its “Go Green” initiative to the next level with the installation of 194 solar panels rated at 235 Watts each, for a total of 46kW, connected to Chilicon Power’s CP-250 microinverters.

It has been an important mission of President/CEO Sandro Aquilina to bring his company to the forefront of the sustainable energy movement in manufacturing. Not only does it help to reduce pollution in Simi Valley, but it also allows EMLinQ to lower its factory power costs, which will inevitably be beneficial to our customers. We consider this to be the first phase for EMLinQ to ultimately achieve the goal of becoming fully self-sustaining from an energy perspective. This goes hand-in-hand with the numerous energy efficient products we continue to manufacture for our customers, especially in the LED market segment, which continues to show significant year to year growth. EMLinQ is proud to be the sole manufacturer of Chilicon Power’s CP-250 Microinverter and Gateway Solar Monitoring System since 2011.

Founded by Dr. Christopher Jones and Alexandre Kral in 2010, Chilicon Power has become a world class leader in energy generation with their high efficiency 60-cell module grid-interactive inverter systems.

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