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EMLinQ is an Apple MFI licensed manufacturer -"Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad"

EMLinQ is an Apple MFI licensed manufacturer -"Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad"

EMLinQ is an Apple MFI licensed manufacturer -"Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad"
January 2014

Simi Valley, CA - As a contract manufacturer that strives to stay on the forefront of technology for its customers, EMLinQ is now licensed to build products using Apple MFI components. Recognizing the continuous growth of Apple products and accessories, EMLinQ sees great opportunities for companies seeking a US manufacturing location to get to market in a timely manner.   As an Apple MFI licensed company, we have access to: MFI and AirPlay logos, sample and mass-production quantities of MFI

components, technical specifications, and development/testing tools. EMLinQ is currently building “iDevices” for various customer applications.

To learn more about Apple Inc.’s MFI Program, and to view their Authorized MFI Manufacturing Licensees list (EMLinQ LLC, MFI-14-00131), please visit:





EMLinQ LLC is a provider of advanced electronics manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the telecommunications, networking, computer, aerospace, consumer electronics, and medical device industries. EMLinQ LLC offers a full range of services including printed circuit board assembly and test, materials procurement, inventory management, final system assembly (box build) and test, packaging and distribution.

EMLinQ provides quick turn prototype building, as well as high volume manufacturing.  Our standard turnaround time is 15 days from receipt of material (whether consigned or turnkey) with the possibility of also supporting deliveries in less than 5 days. We use Virtual prototyping software tools to provide comprehensive manufacturability and testability analysis to ensure our customer's products are ready for mass production in the shortest amount of time. Our services assist in achieving both design for manufacturability (DFM) and cost optimization. Please visit for more details about our services.

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